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July 8, 2012
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Salamence V.S Roserade by DrawerElma Salamence V.S Roserade by DrawerElma
[link] < Listen to that if u wanna read the text below *-* <3

Story: As Roserade reached the top of the huge mountain, she meet the Outlaw queen Vespiqueen told her to get rid of. "Thy shall not bring pain and suffering to anyone any longer!" said Roserade as she was getting ready to battle the outlaw who had stolen the many rare gems from Sabley's shop. "Reveal thyself and battle me! I feel no remorse for defeating foul thieves.". As a huge earthquake took place and shook the ground, up flew a strong brave looking Salamence with huge red glowing eyes. Both stopped in shock when their eyes meet. "Nay....It can't be....Salamence? What are ye doing on top of this mountain?" Within a short period of time, Roserade realized that Salamence was the thief that she needed to catch. "Roserade? It's been a while...Has it not?" Salamence said as he slowly flew down to the ground. ".......Ye are a thief? Tell me this is all lunacy Salamence. Don't let this be.......True..." Salamence shook his head in deep sorrow. "I am afraid. This is the truth. I am an outlaw. My Leader Dragonite will be here any minute to pick up the gems. Rosereade. Leave. If he gets you, you will have no chance to escape." Roserade looked really angry and stomped her foot " HEY! 10 years we part and this is what I find when we meet again?! You are aye outlaw and aye thief! I will not back down because of the friendship we once had! If ye ever treasured this friendship, ye should be the one doing the right thing! Hand over the stolen gems Salamence!" If Roserade went back to Vespiqueens castle empty handed, she'd be killed for failing a really important mission. If Salamence meet Dragonite empty handed, he'd get killed for sure for failing HIS mission. The two realized that the only way they could settle things was....To battle here and now till' the end. Till' only one of them stands and walks away as the victor of this fight. Without a single word, the battle begun. And this long lasting friendship they had for so many years, would soon come to a dramatic end. As the battle progressed, Salamence seemed to be having the lead, almost finishing off Roserade with a Flamethrower. Roserade was the only one talking douring the battle, she was focusing more on trying to help Salamence rather than defeating him, she also used "grasswhistle" to play some wonderful tunes to calm Salamence down and try to talk to him. But it was all in vain. Roserades last words will be words that haunt Salamence forever. "Ye threw away what was most precious to ye to become an outlaw. Such a vile thing to do will cost ye yer' life, if you won't perish by ME hands then ye will surely perish by my master's hand! I resent ye with all my might! And if ye betrayed me like this, we were never friends to begin with!" As the flamethrower captured and trapped Roserade, Salamence knew the game was over. Though he then also realized, he had lost a friend that was once so precious to him. The only friend he truly had. Was all gone, because of his own greed and fear. When Dragonite arrived he got the gems as he wished and smiled out of delight. Salamence did not realize that he is only Dragonite's puppet. If Salamence had worked together with Roserade to defeat Dragonite and then run away together, things would have had a more happy ending. One night he realized this, but he realized this far too late to make a change, for the damage was already done. Suddenly he imagined the tune Roserade was playing during the battle... He looked up at the glowing moonlight in pure sadness and regret, sobbing like a little child. "Forgive me my friend....Forgive my mistake....Forgive me......" .............. To Be continued...

< Continuation and ending.

Time: 3 hours.
Layers: 4 (background+pokemon+lineart+attacks)
Cloud brush belongs to whoever made the cloud brush. (i dont remember, and i dont own the brush xD)

I hope you enjoyed the story. It was quite a fast story XD And i plan on putting those 2 in the comic at some point but that will have to wait a while considering a LOT of explanations have to be written before this happens :'D But I hope you enjoyed the picture XD and yay! finally something that isn't a doodle for me!
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This is an amazing deviation. I am truly floored by your techniques and details that are so simple, yet make the entire picture really amazing. The fire you did makes it seem so fluid like watery lava. Plus the angle of Roserade and Salamance has that vibe that get's you hyped up as if you were watching a Pokemon battle in real life. You are an extremely talented artists. All your deviations have that epic feel to them that a lot of people can't deliver. I find it much to my liking and I hope to view more of your phenomenal artwork. Keep up the good AWESOME work! :D
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DarkSpeed-Y-zel May 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I love Roserades! but I actually prefer male Roserades.
anyway, epic! gotta fav!
jelaiann123 Apr 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
every artists drawings has a story
SieghartXx Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So cool o: I LOVED the fire >o<
Dang. I never would've imagined Roserade as being all that agile a Pokemon, in terms of mobility and jumps and stuff. This has changed that conception. Good job. :nod:
DrawerElma Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanx <333 :3
a sad story for an epic picture...
She-Dragon16 Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
darkwolfstar123 Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Great story but really sad end part
Vanarii Aug 29, 2012  Student General Artist
So sad!
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