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July 9, 2012
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Salamence V.S Riolu by DrawerElma Salamence V.S Riolu by DrawerElma
[link] < Inspired by this song *-* oh amg me gusta <3

Story: As Salamence was looking up at the moonlight, he heard the tune Roserade played during the battle. Oddly enough, he was sure it was not his imagination. The tune that Roserade played during the battle was now being played by someone else. He set out for a flight to find out who played this tune, surely Roserade was dead, or at least, so he thought. There was no people nor Pokemon visible on the ground. It was too late and too dark to set out to find this mysterious person who was playing such sad music. Suddenly the music stopped, and Salamence was hit by many blue glowing light orbs that where fired from the ground. Trapped by the lights that were circling around him, Salamence struggled to get away as quick as possible. A odd voice emerged from the ground "Well well, running away are we possibly? Such a coward. I suspected Roserade to leave me a bigger challenge than this, as if it was a challenge at all." A Pokemon in a cloak jumped up high in the sky and landed on the highest treetop. The blue lights stopped circling around Salamence and faded away. Shocked of the surprise attack Salamence stuttered; "W-WHO ARE YOU!? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" The Pokemon pulled out a odd looking violin and started playing a really familiar tune. A few seconds passed before the Pokemon stopped to look up at Salamence, saying the following; "Roserade could unleash these peaceful sounds as she used Grasswhistle in combat. She was the only Roserade that could ever mimic sounds of real instruments...As soon as I saw that she failed to return, I realized her game was over. You killed her, didn't you? Long ago when Roserade trained me for combat, she taught me this song, she said it was a exchange if I fulfilled her one wish." Salamence got nervous and flew back a bit for he thought the Pokemon would attack him again. "....You knew Roserade huh? Well why the heck did you bring me out here ya little twerp!" The Pokemon shook it's head. It seemed to be rather calm. "Bring you out? I merely played for entertainment. Or, maybe to taunt you because I knew you killed Roserade? If both worked, I am more than pleased. But this chit-chatting better end now. I have work to do, and I need to keep my promise to Roserade. This promis....Means that I need to fulfill her one wish." The Pokemon dropped the violin and entered a battle position. "..........- I quote Roserade. 'Whoever kills me, my friend...... I want ye to seek him up and SLAUGHTER him!' end of quote. So as you see, I have no option but to get rid of you." Salamence was petrified of fear. "AREN'T YOU JUST A LITTLE BOSSY TWERP EY!? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME!?" Salamence unleashed a flamethrower to scare the Pokemon, though it seemed as if it failed. The Pokemon shook it's head. "................To think that Roserade......THIS Roserade....lost to YOU. The only way this could have happened is.... If she let you win. But I don't want to discuss that. I don't care if she is dead or alive, and quite frankly, I don't care if YOU are dead or alive either. But I always keep the promises I make. So.....This is your last day in this world. Enjoy it while it lasts for a few more minutes." The Pokemon jumped up high in the sky and hit Salamence right in the head, it then grabbed Salamence's tail and swung off it. "OUUUUUCH!!!! WHY YOU LITTLE - Why don't you quit hiding under that cloak of yours and show....YOURSELF!!!!!!" Salamence hit the pokemon across the head with his huge tail, the cloak almost fell of, but it revealed the mysterious pokemon's identity. Salamence almost started laughing. "H-...H-...HA! YOU'RE JUST A LITTLE BABY RIOLU!!!! HAHA!!!!! WHAT A GOOD LAUGH! I actually thought you were SERIOUS when you talked like that! This will be an easy match! PREPARE FOR YOUR DOWNFALL LITTLE TWERP!" The Riolu gave him a evil grin. "Teh, your words are as empty as your head. I am not just 'A' Riolu. I am Roserades master " And as soon as Salamence heard him say that, he remembered that Roserade said that he would die by the hands of her "master". THIS was what she meant. "EY! MASTER! CARROT! OR GHOST! I DON'T CARE WHAT TITLE YOU GO BY, FIGHT ALREADY!" The battle got rather intense. Salamence landed many successful hits, though, Riolu did not seem to get harmed by any. He just got up the second Salamence would hit him. After a long time, Salamence flew down to the ground to catch his breath. "W-......W-.....WHY!?....I-...I am hitting you with my every move!....w-...why won-....won't you DIE!?.....Why are you getting back UP!?" Riolu landed on the ground and walked up to Salamence. "......Idiot.......You can't kill the dead." Salamence was outraged, "Y-.......YOU!!!!!!!!!!-" he flew up to the sky and tried to escape. Riolu immediately jumped up in the sky and charged to unleash a powerful thunder looking attack. "SAY 'HI' TO ROSERADE FOR ME YOU COWARD!!!!!" Riolu said as he fired the massive beam of light at Salamence. A loud scream echoed through the mountains and the forest below them..............Both Roserade and Salamence.....Were now dead....
The End.

< Previous, The beginning. This is the ending.

A continuation of the first picture where Roserade battled Slamence. This picture is off the end where Riolu fires a massive attack that looks like blue lightning *-* me gusta blue lightning XD And yes, this was kinda a spoiler for PMD, but not really something important. Unless you read the whole text in and out XDDDDDDD LOL! there are a FEW spoilers in there....but nothing that anyone can really figure out. Not until i make the 4th chapter at least. Anyways....Enjoy <3 sorry if i spelled things wrong or such. <3 SORRY OTL XD i dunno how to draw salamence for crap XD
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Critique by Ninahoshi Jul 12, 2012, 5:25:43 PM
his art is very good congratulations ^^
shall not understand much of that drawing style, but that i am seeing you and very good at it!!!!
I found interesting how you gave the effects of light and shadow
is very cool your style, is so cute very beautiful!
I love the sky that you make, the effect is very good
his technique is excellent as can do it all this? o.O
seems very real that's amazing!!!
you make match the colors perfectly! is perfect! *-----------*
you're really a great artist You are of congratulations!!
and the best is that the more you practice you will get better!!!!
so don't stop ok? :D
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DragoelX99 Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
well done thats great but have a look at this: [link]
Don't worry, I'm not insulting you, this is a story u gotta see
spectre203 Jan 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Aaron is out for blood to get revenge from roserade just asking is the roserade from aaron past or was it a random roserade?
roserade from the story between aaron got back to live and aaron met alice
darkwolfstar123 Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
tum.... riolu was so over powered
DrawerElma Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
NAH, not at all. He just can't feel pain XD which made him last the whole battle...
darkwolfstar123 Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah ok , but in a weird way i feel sory for salamence , maybe becuase hes helped me rip apart teams in simulaters like showdown or because he felt remorse ....
darkwolfstar123 Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah im making a comic series too soon , but im sorta NEW to drawing digital ( im more use to real life paper drawing ) so may i ask what you use to draw these? Now as for my series it will be about a Zoroark with a reverse color mane named Ripper and how he grow up to become a assassin ninja warrior and how he learn to trust again and actualy makes friends ( the reason why he dosn't trust and became a assassin will be revealed later in the story ) but anyway .. yeah....
Salamence was like " Tsk , freaking monster" XDDDD
Riolu your bad ass :DDDD
LovePikaNizzy Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If this Riolu is really Aaron, I wonder what kind of connection he had to Roserade.. *sits and thinks*
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