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December 11, 2012
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Ruthless Fiend by DrawerElma Ruthless Fiend by DrawerElma
[link] < Inspired by this song.
Ruthless Fiend;

AN: This story takes place in the past, long before Aaron meet Alice.

In a forest near the Combat Era, a familiar looking character was chasing a yellow Pokemon. The weather was cold and the rain poured down harsh, it was almost as if it was hailing. The thunder lit up the sky as the 2 pokemon were running towards Plasma Grounds.

“HEY, YOU LITTLE TWIT! I swear if you take one more step ill twist your legs apart and feed them to the Sharpedos near my castle!”

“Haha! I’d like to see you try!” the yellow pokemon said and started sprinting faster.

“Grrrr….I hate when thieves end up being cocky bastards! (Always the ones I’m chasing, too!)”

The chase had gone on for about fifteen minutes already, and neither one of them wanted to give up.

“What’s up Aaron? Can’t keep up with a lousy thief?”


“Sorry, I know you just got this Elite Badge, but to be honest, if you lose it this easily, you shouldn’t have got it in the first place.”

“(This guy is making me more pissed each fracking second! ENOUGH! I’ll use Earhquake. Screw my promise to not mess up the landscape!) That’s it! Time to get serious!”

Aaron’s paws started glowing blue, he then jumped and hit the ground with his paws as hard as possible, raising the ground all around the area really high. It threw the thief off balance and he fell down, dropping the Elite Badge he stole from Aaron. Aaron slowly walked up to him and grabbed the badge.

“Next time you put your dirty hands on my badge I’ll kill you. GOT IT?”

“So you’re implying I’ll steal it again? Will you really fall for the same trick, TWICE?”


“Sorry, there are lots of people who would pay a fortune to get their hands on that badge, and I need the money.”

“Grrr….I hate when you say sorry, it makes me angry, because I KNOW for a fact that you don’t mean it!”

“Hi, my name is Ashton, glad to meet an Elite rescuer!” he stood up and shook Aaron’s paw.

“HAHAHAHA ARE YOU SERIOUS?! *Pushes him and points south* Get the hell out of this area!”

“Hmmmmm…. No.”

“I didn’t really give you a choice here, either get out by yourself or I’ll kick you out!”

“THAT right there my friend, was a choice!”

“…Urge to kill this mutt…Rising…”

“Sigh, seems like I have no other option but to ask you for the badge. Please, may I have it?”

“…What berries did you eat? Are you sick? You’re NOT getting this badge, end of question. If you want to earn money, do it fair and square. Go join an exploration team or something. I hear Queen Milotic gives good rewards for greedy bastards like you. Now leave me alone.”

“Hey Aaron. You’re one of the few who have earned the right to wear an Elite Badge. Does that make you feel superior to normal Pokemon? Or is it just a huge amount of responsibility that comes with the badge other than satisfaction?”

“Go away!”

“I guess it must be responsibility. It explains why you’re so cranky all the time.”

“If you refuse to leave –“

“How about this, let’s make a deal, eh? Give me the badge and I won’t burn down your Rescue Team castle, eh?”

“…….You have to be kidding me.”

“ Not at all. It seems like a fair trade, no? I thought that castle was worth more than such a silly badge.”

Aaron was silently looking at the yellow pokemon…

“Are you considering it? Just give me an answer fast.”

“………….I’m not afraid of your measly threats. I am capable of doing way more damage than just burning down a castle. I can ruin your life in a split second; leave scars inside your mind that will never cure like scars on the outside. I can mentally break your soul down. If you feel like challenging fate, I say; burn down my castle. Though if you want to live, run.” And Aaron walked away from the field leaving the pokemon with those words.

Ashton headed over to a big tree and climbed up to the top.

“Damn…I was so close. If I had just ran a bit faster I could have made it in time…” He started jumping from tree to tree until he reached a small cave. Inside the cave was a tiny Riolu girl that seemed to be very ill. Her eyes were read and her fur was pale, she could barely breathe and struggled to open her eyes.

“Bwoder…” she coughed.

“Ehh….Sorry Pearl….I failed again…” he hugged her and tried to lull her to sleep.

Ashton had been trying to steal money to put his little sister in a hospital. He couldn’t afford to pay for it himself, so he decided to steal something really valuable. If he could get his hands on that badge, then Pearl’s life would be saved, or at least have a chance of being saved. Ashton could not handle to see his sister suffer any longer. He did what he had to do. He asked a criminal fire type gang to help him burn down Aaron’s castle one night, and in return, they would get half the money the badge was worth. If they defeated Aaron, they would get more. So as they planned, they attacked Aaron’s castle, however, Aaron was nowhere to be found. All the rescue teams in the castle screamed in fear because of the high-leveled fire type pokemon. Some tried to battle, some ran away and some suffered a horrible burning death. It was chaos, the work of a madman without a doubt. The fire type gang leader, which was a Magmortar, asked Ashton where the money he promised them was. Ashton tried to explain that Aaron was the one holding the badge, but the minute Ashton tried to make excuses, he got attacked by the leader and could only dodge attacks to escape, the leader was way too tough compared to him. Eventually the leader got Ashton trapped and unable to move, he was about to finish Ashton off with a flamethrower, before he could shoot the flamethrower at Ashton he got hit by an aura sphere from a distance. Aaron had arrived at the scene and defeated the fire type gang one by one and then he dragged Ashton out of the burning castle.
Once they were both out, Aaron turned to look at the castle. The massive amount of black smoke covered the whole sky…


“That damn word again…….. You have used it so many times it’s lost its value.”

Aaron didn’t stand to listen to his reasoning, but he started walking away to the direction where he and Ashton fought earlier, he seemed to be heading toward the cave. Aaron knew exactly why Ashton had been attacking him and targeted only HIM. It was all because of the badge. It wasn’t too hard to find some information about it since Ashton seems to be a terrible thief in the Combat Era. Aaron entered the small cave and saw the little pale Riolu moving around trying to breathe.

“Aaron! I did this because of my little sister! I can’t afford to pay for a hospital! Her sickness is curable, but the medicine costs a fortune! You see, this is why I needed your badge! You understand now, don’t you?”

Aaron walked up to the girl… He then put his paws around her throat and cracked her neck. The sound echoed through the cave. Ashton had a terrified look on his face, traumatized by what Aaron just did he started crying and yelling at Aaron. He grabbed Aaron and pushed him against the wall.

“You kill most of my castle members; you burn down my castle and you then DARE to ask for mercy? Hm. I thought my statement was very clear. I did just kill your little sister in a split second. Also… Just to inform you, those Pokemon in that castle were to no value for me, but your little sister was priceless to you. So let me ask you this; was all this fooling around worth your sisters life, eh Ashton?”

Aaron pushed Ashton out of the way. Ashton fell down on the ground; he crawled over to his little sister who no longer had a chance to get cured from the terrible illness… He cried as he held her in his arms.

“…No matter how painful the truth is, this is nothing but your fault. If you would have spent your time wisely, earned money little by little; then your sister wouldn’t be in this situation. Asking for help is also something a ‘hero’ must do at a time, a hero never steals. You wanted to be a hero and save your sister, but you ended up looking like a fool and a coward instead. You didn’t only ruin your sister’s life, but all the Pokemon who lived at that castle too. “


“I wonder if my castle members were asking you that while you and that fire group were slaughtering them one by one.” Aaron looked down on Ashton… He pulled Ashton up and looked him right in the eyes completely emotionless.

“Why didn’t you attack ME, Ashton? My castle members were all innocent. I’ll answer you why you didn’t attack me and instead ganged up on my castle members. It’s one simple word, with 6 letters.-”


I suuuuckkkk at writing storiesss x___x Enjoy the drawing who was only supposed to be a doodle- but ended up being a whole story and crap instead XD Sorry as well if I made some mistakes on where to put "Ashton" and "Aaron" @__@ it was dark in my room. Typos happen. And I know they have similar names- I DONT CARE! NOT MY FAULT THAT ALL SEXY NAMES START WITH "A" I can just imagine how massive this description is for you guys XD I wanted to try dynamic poses again- so i made it look like...kinda....Ashton was doing a flip backwards to avoid a flamethrower o.o......i dunno. Blame my life for this crap drawing ~_~
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This is absolutely beautiful! I like art a lot, but i'm not very good at it. I think that just the expression of the riolu and the amazing colors mixing together is so stunning! I don't know how you drew/painted the fire type attack, but this is amaaaazing!!!!! You should make more like this, maybe like an electric attack or water? Magical leaf would be awesome too!!! But this is so great, I really envy you! I also love a lot of your other works too, you really have great talent, and so I hope and look forward to and for your future works >w<
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what's bwoder?
ah thank you!
Your welcome. 
...poor pearl...Aaron's evil! did he do this befor he died? or after? cuz before: why would an bagde holder do such thing?!
after: this is not good for your clock.
VickH Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Let me cry on corner for a few minutes...
... I can't be angry of Aaron, because probably the pokémon in the castle had family/close friends... But Pearl really made me sad... Poor Ashton.

Also, the drawing is epic.
caesr653856573265834 Jun 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Aaron was right
The story is sad. The picture is awesome.
LugiaUmbreonPower Jan 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Dat pose! ;3; I love it.<3
Winged-Keldeo Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist
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