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December 10, 2012
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PMD-L Season 1 ''The Journey Has Begun'' Cover by DrawerElma PMD-L Season 1 ''The Journey Has Begun'' Cover by DrawerElma
I'm actually gonna make a cover for each season :3
This is the first one- It's gonna take a while to get to 2, but meh, that's ok. I'll be working more on the pages from now on. That is- when I'm not busy doing other sh!t XD I do still have some work to do for the rangers and their massive project so wish me luck on dat gaiz 0m0)/ I cannot disappoint!

I was thinking about what font to use and what mark to make for the cover xDDDD Hard choice....I'm never good with those because I always feel like changing it. But I decided to go with the font I use for Shedinja's speech bubbles. For some reason I just....LIKE IT? And whenever I see it it reminds me of Shinji :3 .....Yes XD I just seriously called Shedinja Shinji XD Well INJY is ok, but it doesn't sound as awesome. - OK I'll go work on the drawing for the D.A Rangers ^-^ But expect a page update soon. I doodled up like 3 whole pages yesterday and also started on chapter 8. NO ONE SHALL SEE THESE PAGES IN A LONG TIME EXCEPT ME XDDDD HAHA O_o I looked at this for a long time and wondered "what's wrong???..." then I just realized I forgot to sign it and watermark it XD .....lmao good thing i caught that before uploading.

* I'll be putting all chapters into a folder called PMD-L S1 inside the PMD-L Comic folder. Once we head on to season 2 I'll make a new folder called PMD-L S2 inside the PMD-L Comic folder, and so on. :heart:
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