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November 3, 2012
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O.C Katsumi Eos by DrawerElma O.C Katsumi Eos by DrawerElma
Name: Katsumi Eos
Nickname: Cat (short for Katsumi)
Species: Human
Age: 16 years old.
Home: Her aunt owns a library and the library is practically her home, since she spends almost ten hours a day there.
Favorite Food: Dragon-fruit, and Salmon.
Looks: She has short pink hair with a white dress. She also wears an old shining green orb given to her as a gift since birth from her aunt. It shines in the rainbows colors when the sun hits it...
Character Info: Katsumi is a quiet but happy girl, she can get annoyed easily, but won't scream if she's in her aunts library. Katsumi likes to get visits from an old friend of hers that usually enters the library every saturday or sunday. She likes to annoy him about how much smarter she is than him, when in reality she knows he has talents not even she can outsmart. It makes her a little jealous but also a little happy. Her friends like to describe her as the "walking encyclopedia". Whenever someone would have trouble with anything, Katsumi would describe the solution for the problem in a few seconds. She was always glad to help her friends, but may think they're a bit selfish when they ask her to do their homework...
History/Story: Katsumi grew up in a really busy family, so her dad and mother never really got to spend time with her. They often dropped her of at her aunt's library when she was a kid, so her aunt could keep an eye on her. Since Katsumis aunt took care of her as a kid, Katsumi spent lots of time in the library, reading lots of books about all kinds of different subjects. She finished high school when she was about 12 years old, and tackled collage and graduated at the age of 16. Her father and mother still remained uninterested and unaware of her accomplishments no matter how hard she tried to get noticed. Katsumi's aunt was the one attending all school meetings and the only one who would actually spend time with her. When Katsumi was on her way to her aunts library one day, she noticed the library's gate was locked and there was a note laying at the ground. She picked up the note and read it aloud. "We will meet again soon, but for now, go to your parents house and pick up the library key. Take good care of the library while I'm gone, OK sweetie?". She headed over to her mom and dad's house, only to find them sitting on the couch restlessly, so unusual because they were always out working or doing research. Her dad then approached her and grabbed her by the shoulder; "Take care of her library, OK?" he said with an intense voice as he held the key to the library in his hand. Katsumi was confused, she looked over to her mother who seemed like she was about to break apart at any second. "Why is mom crying?" Katsumi asked. "Oh, she's crying happy tears. She knows how much you love it in the library, so we decided that you may move in there instead of taking the train and walking the whole way there all the time." Katsumi was really happy and embraced her father and mother with a big hug. Of course she'd miss them, but she practically lives with her aunt anyway, this will save her time with long trips back and forth from her house to the library. She took the key her dad handed her and rushed out. Once she was gone, Katsumis mother cried out loud. "You didn't tell her!! You didn't tell her!! WHY?!" she yelled sobbing. "She will find out by herself sooner or later... Why should she see you like this? Why should she follow along with us? She is a bright kid, and you know it, this would tare her apart and THEN what would happen to her future?!" her dad looked out the window and saw Katsumi running away from the house over to the train... "WHY!? Just tell me WHY you can't tell her!?-..." Katsumi's mother stood up tall and yelled at her husband; "-I demand an answer RIGHT NOW!". "Because we were never good parents to begin with. You know how time consuming both our jobs are. We were never there for her. The only person she had was her aunt...and now....her aunt she....she...-" a tear passed down his cheek....
"- how will we explain to Katsumi that her aunt... died?"

Character designed by: ~Kuro-mi96 <3
Owner and author of this massive long bio description: *DrawerElma (Me ;n; )

FREAKING ANATOMY AGAIN!!! WHAT IS IT?? IT EXISTS? ASDFASDFASDFASDFG XD And when I saw this adopt, i just couldn't believe no one else claimed it ;~; <3 so adorabulllll!!! <3 All the feels! all my feels! <3 When I saw this character, ALL this came to mind XD....ALL THIS. That's why I wanted it so bad asdfasdfgh! I hope Kuro just doesn't mind I changed the orb to GREEN instead of BLUE XD Well, now I'm off to draw another O.C BRB GAIZ XD
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lukas-seaheart Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
really incredible! nice O.C! ^ ^
MistyDawnAmara Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
those sleeeves! so pretty! what an awesome outfit!
Kuro-mi96 Nov 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
she looks awesome with your style!! :iconcryforeverplz:
DrawerElma Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahahahaha ;q; thank you <3 You make really adorable adoptables >w< <3 wish i could adopt them all (but every time i look - it's already adopted @__@")
MadnessOfMana Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Cat..., :iconcryforeverplz:
Yum-i Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the art! You've definitely improved! :D
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