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November 15, 2012
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O.C Eurynome by DrawerElma O.C Eurynome by DrawerElma
Name: Eurynome
Species: Titan Demon (human form).
Info: Titan of water meadows. She uses water spells to flood battle fields, which quickly gets her opponents in a disadvantage. She disappears in a warm mist when she needs to escape difficult situations. Her sister Themis supports her in her fights and guides her to a safe victory. Themis fights with justice, and all she cares about is seeing Eurynome win a fair fight. Eurynome and Themis were titans used in war by humans several years back. They enjoyed being used as war machines since that was the only thing they were created for. They ended up falling into a deep slumber for several decades since no wars occurred in 100 years. When they woke up they found themselves in a new world, ready to start another huge war...

@__@ And this is what happens when you read greek mythology with your class. xDDDDDD Well...we read an old text, and then I googled ancient facts about greek XD Ended up spending HOURS just reading all of the Gods and all of the titans stories. x__x that's some interesting stuff i tell ya XD ANYWAYS, I adopted this chara from ~AAA-Adopts but it doesn't look like her chara anymore XDDDDDDD Compare....

I adopted 1 and 2 XD 1 is Themis and 2 is Eurynome. WELL! I'm off to draw my other 2 charas nao @__@ sooo much work! And I still got art trades to do and a gift for a friend ;^; asdfasdfasdfg work work work!

Character design: ~AAA-Adopts (tweaked to hell by me XD)
History and etc: Me XD
I swear I can smell it....there will be at least 1 comment saying this looks like miku...ONLY because of BLUE LONG HAIR :stare: AAaaannddd I suck at drawing water and poses ASDFGDFGFGH//shot
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Critique by Volcanix769 Nov 15, 2012, 1:23:47 PM
Haven't even written a review for a while. Let me point out the errors first.

First, there's almost nothing wrong with this, except a few things I noticed: the breasts are drawn wrong and odd, and I mean for the right breast. It looks a bit flat, and for the right leg in the left, it's less wider than the other one.

The light source is almost fine though, since I noticed that you wanted to put more depth in various areas. The pose is rather OK in my opinion, though it needs to pop out a bit more, especially if it needs a background.

The hand seems a bit weird in my opinion since it looks a bit bigger for an actual arm itself since it makes the arm look..... thin I guess?

The face is almost fine, since I can spot no errors on it. But the neck is too long though. Overall, you need to work on anatomy for instance, but it looks pretty good.
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i wanna draw humas like that!! the hands arent easy!!

ShiroiSouls Nov 19, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
MintynJeb Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
She looks too much like Miku!!!!!
love her hair! ^^
Ao-Ora Nov 15, 2012   Artist
AMG MIND SHARE AGAIN O_o I was about to say that from a distance it looks like Miku... XD...

But seriously, amazing job as usual! :la:
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