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November 15, 2012
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In the hall of fame... by DrawerElma In the hall of fame... by DrawerElma
[link] < Inspired by this song. "Hall Of Fame" - The Script feat.

You can be a master, don't wait for luck, dedicate yourself and you can find yourself -

Standing in the hall of fame ~
And the world's gonna know your name ~
Cause' you burn with the brightest flame ~
And the world's gonna know your name...
And you'll be on the walls in the hall of fame ~

You could be the hero, you could get the gold, breaking all the records that thought never would be broke.
Do it for your people, do it for your pride.
Never gonna know if you never even try.
Do it for your country, do it for your name,
cause' there's gonna be a day when you're...

Standing in the hall of fame ~

Those parts in the lyrics....reminded me of Ash so much....Oh nostalgia....Sweet, yet bitter nostalgia... I miss these times...
//moredoodlesOMGSOMSONESHOOTME!!! :faint: what izzzanatomyyyyyandwhatdidmejustdrewwww???????....
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Vision- The vision is beautiful, I love that light behind this boy- Ash Ketchum. A very loved character was put into this. How you hid parts of him or lightly blurred it fascinated me. But most of all, my eyes darted straight towards those brown eyes- atrracted at those two, brown objects in a second. But the one thing that concerns me would be how skinny his neck looks, but that is probably just me.

Originality- You don't necessarily see beautiful pieces of work featuring Ash Ketchum like this. You don't see many pictures of him reaching out at you, as if willing to take your hand. I love the amazing lineart and how much smoother it sustained itself.

Technique: Obviously, this part was especially good as well. The way you drew everything into a slightly chibi related character was extraordinary.

Impact: Draws you closer to the character. I don't know if those are tears or not, but that light in the background, which hides nearly everything- gorgeous. Well thought out color palette and beautiful shading.
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In the hall of fame ...
I love this picture a lot in many different ways. One main thing i love about this picture makes him look so sexy cry and fading in to the light wanting you to reach his hand and come with him. Also the way his jacket flows in the wind. Just a beautiful picture.
Plus this is a picture most likely people would be well know about because of Ash Ketchum. A very well know person. But over all great job with everything
Vision: 4 stars
Originality:3.5 stars
Technique : 4.5 stars
Impact: 4 stars
:) Wish you lots of joy
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Actually he won't because Nintendo decided to scrap the original plan of making Ash the greatest master and keep him ten forever since they thought a kid that never grew up would make more money for them then an actual plot line. Still love Ash and still love the anime up through gen 4 (gen 5 not so much) but I wish they had decided to allow Ash to grow up and fulfill his destiny. Oh well, I still love Ash since I can connect to him (a boy struggling to become stronger) a lot easier than I can to Red (a boy who rolls out of bed already a pokemon master without having to train hardly at all, though he is still cool too).
shiroi-kamaitachi Nov 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist

Reminds me so much of my childhood~ :icontearplz::heart:
(OMG I should draw my Pokemon team at least once, seriously <x'D)

Beautiful colours, pose & idea *___*
You're expressing so much just with one pic >8D

lol Your anatomy looks quite fine & I certainly love the hand & foreshortening XD
Nice part of the lyrics to be drawing this on ^^
DrawerElma Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

YES! XD You should draw your team at least once! Did you ever do some pokemon fanart? Except the one you drew for me on my birthday (amg that picture! STILL ASDFGHSDFGHJ <3)

Gaaaaaraaahhhh XD ash looks like a chibi XDDD *failsinlifeallthewaayyyyy*
The song is just amazing *^* and I havent drawn anything music-inspired in a while, so yeah XD
..........that was just a confusing sentence,....i bet you flipped tables when you saw it..."I haven't drawn anything-" < XD...........and i spammed your inbox with soooo much art XD. ahahahahahaha! WELCOME BACK 8D
shiroi-kamaitachi Nov 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
lol I doodled quite a lot of Pokemon when I was still playing it XD
But that was like, some 7 or 8 years ago, so I have no idea where all those doodles went now >.>"
The only Pokemon games I ever completed are Ruby & Sapphire, though (Also played a bit of Pearl). Still loving it even now~ >w<,,

I envy how fast you can draw but still draw pics of superb quality! XDDD
And thanks :D
DrawerElma Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D: <333 i want to see it if you still have it XD OMG! SKYPE!!!! ALL THE SKYPE ;___; i still have to add you there haha >w< DANG IT XD I just read the uh...other part of your comment "no idea where all those doodles went now" sad...i would have loved to see them XD I still have mind XD

Yesh ;w; those are good games <3 >w> but srsly...pkmn yellow <3 mew glitch >w< <333333 ...O_O missingno glitch. XDDDDD Uh....Skeleton kabutops glitch.....XD...still freaky...

Awwww thank you ;u; <33333
I try to draw faster one has time for...for...for ....>_> for time. o_o no one has time for time. ....yeah....made a lot of sense XD....I think I'm high....
shiroi-kamaitachi Dec 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Well, I looked again and it seems that I managed to save one Pokemon team lineart I drew back in 2006 (I have it with me right now) >8D
Will scan and show that if you want~ ;)

My Skype: shiroi-kamaitachi (

I get what you mean.
Hoe I can draw faster, too >.<
DrawerElma Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*added you* :'D hope I sent it to the right person >w< <333 OMG SOON SOON >w> We shall skype! very very soon!
I cant wait till we get to skype *^* hopefully we get to draw at the same time together and we can see each-other working ;w; That would be awesome <3 And I wanna hear your voice x''''DDD <33

Pikachuvirus1996 Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
going back to the original ash ketchum (if i spelled his last name wrong i'm sorry)

You know there is a reason why ash never ages
I really love this! I know some people think that pokemon is overrated, but it isn't to me. No matter how many episodes or games come out, I always hold pokemon in a special place in my heart. And I also see Ash the same way. To me, he sort of symbolizes my childhood. I feel like you did a great job with this. He isn't in the hall of fame and he isn't the champion of the pokemon league yet, but to me he is. Honestly, I really love this character and what you did with him :)
amy962 Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
amazing job
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