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September 15, 2012
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Hurt... by DrawerElma Hurt... by DrawerElma

Music for this part: [link]

Part 3 of 3.

Aaron first explained everything that happened before he and Michael even meet. Michael’s family was really picky when it came to how children should behave. Michael’s parents always gave him the tough jobs and made him help the family most of the times; his sister was more importantly focused on playing with her friends. She never really cared about work. But that is how children should be. Michael however, was unfamiliar with her behavior. He was taught to act 1 way, so he therefore got surprised when his sister acted another way and without much thought, Michael rejected her. He rejected to have anything to do with her, he rejected every time she’d ask to play with him, he’d always tell her to grow up or act her age, even though she was indeed acting her age. When Aaron arrived in the city, he needed to get to a hospital quick and there is where he meets Michael. Michael’s sister came to the hospital to hand him a few flowers she had picked from the garden outside the village. Michael yelled at her for going outside the village…

“-She left weeping from the hospital that day. Once my wounds healed, I told Michael I was looking for his sister, he then told me she liked to sit in the flower garden outside the village, so I went there. I found her sitting outside the village exactly where Michael said she would be, she was still crying, repeating the same sentence over and over… ‘Why does my brother hate me so much?’…. I sat beside her and patted her on the head, saying he was just busy working because his job is important and if they lost him, everyone would be sad. I was TRYING to make her understand that everything is not fun and games, and she can’t just interrupt Michael while he’s working. This… Is where I made a mistake…and maybe this explains what happens on further…” Aaron looked over to Alice. She seemed to be surprised at the serious look he gave her, it was almost as if he was. …Depressed.

“Not long after that conversation, I and Michaels sister stacked up on items and she made sure I got out of the village prepared… However, outside of the village near Mystique City, Michael was battling a Pokémon with angry red eyes. I had to step in and help him, but I was too late. He had suffered great damage. I had to carry him to Blisseys Hospital along with his sister because he was unconscious. They told us Michael wouldn’t make it… His heart was too weak; he would die within a number of minutes… Right then and there… Michaels sister told them that they could…….-“

-They could have her heart.

“- She chose to sacrifice herself in order to save her brother…I asked her if this was really what she wanted to do. I also asked her WHY she wanted to do it. She…said… ‘Because, brother helps a lot of sick Pokémon and if he disappeared, it would be a disaster, besides, I am useless. I hope brother won’t be…. be mad at me if I do th-…” Aaron didn’t seem to be able to finish the sentence. He looked away and seemed as if he was in pain. Eventually after a few seconds of silence, he started to speak again.

“…. She basically said that…. she wouldn’t be useless for once and that she hoped her brother wouldn’t be mad at her… I… Don’t know why I agreed to this, but… She asked me one thing before she gave her life for her brother. She begged me to… Keep it a secret and not tell Michael about it, she asked everyone to keep quiet about it, because she knew if he knew about it, he would blame himself for everything that happened between them. I hesitated; I wanted to tell Michael as soon as he woke up… But, I had to keep the promise. It was her dying wish, and I felt as if that was the least I could do. So… After Michael woke up… the first thing he said was… That he’d quit working at the hospital, he’d instead join an exploration team to grow stronger in order to protect his family… AND then came the sentence… ‘Where is my annoying little sis?’…kh…I left the city the instant I heard that sentence… I felt as if… If I stayed close to him any longer, the truth may slip out…”

Alice’s eyes were filled with tears. She never knew that the reason they had both been acting weird was because of such a horrible accident. The more Aaron seemed to talk about this, the more depressed and angry he looked, it all became too much at one point…


“……I am… just….sad…This is horrible...How could this….happen?.....How are you going to tell Michael all of this?...”

“I think he heard everything perfectly fine from those bushes over there. Didn’t you Michael?” Aaron looked over at a bush that suddenly made rustling noise. Michael slowly came out of the bushes crying and sobbing. So the reason Aaron knocked over the trees in the first place was to lure Michael out?

“………Technically, I was talking to Blondie. So this counts as ‘not breaking the promise’. About time you found out. Do you STILL want to kill the one who MURDERED YOUR SISTER!?” Michael crouched and covered his head in shame. He was shivering and shaking in both sadness and guilt. The rings on his body shined in a pale color…

“Don’t say that Aaron! Don’t make him feel even wor-“

“SHUT UP! He needs to understand what he has done! I know it can’t be undone! But that will make him realize how much more careful he needs to be when he treats people like that! I’m not gonna go easy on him just because he’s a little hurt. How do you think his sister felt all that time when he treated her like crap?”

Michael was laying down in shame, barely speaking because of all the sobbing, he repeated…”Forgive me…forgive me please…. I’m sorry…” Alice was crying as well, the only person that actually seemed to be angry was Aaron. Aaron walked over to Michael and told him to stand up straight and look him in the eyes. Michael looked up at him with a face drenched in tears…

“…Do you understand now what I meant when I said all those things in your house?” Michael nodded pleadingly.

“… Your sister was a great Pokémon. She deserved a better brother than you. A simple SORRY won’t do if it’s too DAMN LATE!” Michael finally decided to speak up…

“W-…what am I going to do now!? I can’t bring her back! I-…I never knew-…I’m…s-sorry!”

“You didn’t HAVE to know about this to appreciate your sister, you prick. Hating yourself for what you have done is one of the options. Or you could accept the fact you made a mistake, and work to not make several mistakes alike. Treat people better than that, because if they disappear, you’ll regret you left them with hateful words…” Aaron stepped away from Michael and turned to face the other direction, continuing to talk;

“What you should do now? How about LIVE? Some people aren’t as lucky to be alive to this very day; your sister is one example. Live for her, make her proud and quit being a child. You have a perfectly beating heart, unlike some people...” All of a sudden Aaron grabbed his chest and looked very disappointed. Alice ran over to Michael and hugged him. They both decided that this conversation would be better off if it continued next morning. The Pokémon who are active at night around this area were very brutal, it was not safe to continue talking…As for Aaron, he seemed to be lost in thought.

“Hey Aaron, are you ok? We’re returning to the village now…come whenever you’re ready…”

“………………………...” He didn’t say a word, and refused to look at them.

Alice and Michael slowly walked away towards the village. The wind was strong, it seemed like a storm could be appearing at any minute.

“………I never really thought about it, but… My heart is not beating… kh that’s obvious; I’m not bothered by it…however… I’m not supposed to feel pain… yet…-“

…. Why does it hurt so much?



Next: This is the last part.
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I actually cried...
matchmakingdove1028 Jun 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Glowfall Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god this is sad...! I feel so sorry for Aaron, I guess he is in stage two of the walking dead pokémon now? D:
Glowfall Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just reread the trip-to-the-past-story of Aaron, and I'm shocked how close Aarons reaction in this chapter is to stage two: >>They would start to realize that even if they were still conscious, they had lost the features that truly showed that they were alive. And slowly, they would go mad.<< Now, if Aaron starts to be bothered by his heart not beating, what will come next? D:
Blood-Riolu Feb 20, 2013   Traditional Artist
this made me sad and reminded me of this song \

QuitheQuilava556 Dec 18, 2012  Student Artist
:tears: ;^; W-Wow, this is s-s-s-ooooooooooooSAD!! :iconcrycryplz:
DrawerElma Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD awwwwwwwwww..... how could you read all the mini stories and chapters soooooo fast o.o i mean. 1 must have lots of patience with me and my writing XD
ChrisTheAwesomeCario Nov 3, 2012  Student General Artist
Just, wow.
Ryan-the-fox Oct 25, 2012   Digital Artist
That so sad ;^;
hmm i dunno what to say on the one side aaron dicided to be that what he is now but on the other side i have to say i have sympathy with him
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