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February 3, 2013
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Faster than lightning... by DrawerElma Faster than lightning... by DrawerElma

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First Chapter and more Chapters of PMD-L can be found here :heart:

(This story takes part some time after SS7 "Blue thunder") SS8 – An ideal world?

Aaron had made a call from Blissey’s hospital for someone to come and pick him up and help him get over to Sunshore as fast as possible. Roserade had returned to the music hall only to find Aaron sitting down poking the violin with a drumstick.

“ It doesn’t want to listen… “ He said while continuing to poking the violin, one could tell he was absolutely annoyed.

“Sigh… Ye have done enough practicing for today. I think we’ll continue tomorrow morning again…”

All of a sudden a Pokémon came flying in at high speed knocking over a large amount of equipment, it was a Skarmory. Roserade ran over to the equipment that got knocked off the shelves and started picking the instruments up and putting them back where they belonged. She gave the Skarmory an angry mean look as if she was about to burst. Seems like she doesn’t let just ANYONE touch her beloved instruments. Skarmory flapped his wings and made a smooth landing on to the pitch-black floor. Aaron seemed happy to see him.

“ You called. Where do you need to go? Make it quick.” The Skarmory hissed.

“Scar! You’re here! That took some time alright!” Aaron said and jumped up on his back without hesitation, he seemed to be good friends with this Skarmory. Aaron was pleased to see Skarmory, but Skarmory wasn’t all too happy to see Aaron.

“ You couldn’t have called me in a more inappropriate time! You have to learn to make plans!”

“Eh? Why are you so pissed off? You usually don’t yell at me like this.”

“…Sorry… but… No, it’s nothing, Aaron. It doesn’t concern you.” He said and mumbled to himself quietly.

“…O-k? Can you fly me over to Sunshore, Scar?” Skarmory smiled and said he can get there faster than Aaron could possibly imagine. Aaron held on tight because they would be flying in a really high speed. Aaron then turned to Roserade and told her that he would be back later around midnight, she needed to stay awake and wait for him to enter the music hall since she is the only one who is allowed to hold the key to it. Roserade bid Aaron farewell and told him to be back soon and not do anything stupid. Skarmory ran straight towards the exit and then leaped out flying straight up way above the clouds. Far up in the sky was the morning sun, shining brightly and illuminating everything around them. Skarmory started flying in a straight line to the west. Since it was a long ride to Sunshore and they hadn’t seen each other in a long while, they started some small talk, which with time, didn’t turn out rather friendly…

Skarmory asked Aaron if he had found the person he was looking for yet. Aaron disappointedly said NO. “It was as if she had disappeared from this world” was his exact words. Aaron thought that talking about his past would only bring trouble and stir up past memories that he forced himself to forget. So he decided to ask Skarmory something. A question that started an entire argument…

“Enough about my horrid past. How’s it going around in your castle? Any luck finding new members to recruit? I know rescue teams are harder to form nowadays and all… Still, you’re doing fine, am I correct?”

Skarmory stopped in mid air and refused to move any further.

“I’d rather prefer that we do not speak about this.”

“Hm? Something wrong?”

“NO! Nothing is bloody wrong! Leave me be!” Aaron was surprised to how aggressive Skarmory was acting towards him.

“…Did I do something to upset you? Why are acting to agitated?”

Skarmory looked a bit disappointed and apologized to Aaron. It took some time for Aaron to get some information out of Skarmory, but he finally spoke up. Apparently Skarmory’s castle was also attacked. It was a flying type castle attacked by ice type Pokémon. They stood no chance…

“Were they perhaps lead by a Feebass screaming out bogus like; ‘time is money’ eh?” Aaron asked.

“Huh? How did you know there was a Feebass there?”

“… I thought so. Milotic is playing a REALLY dirty game, first Vespiquens castle and then yours. “

“SERIOUS?! She tried attacking Vespiquen too!?”

“Not only did Milotic try to take over Vespiquens castle, but she would have succeeded if I and Ashton weren’t there to help.”

“If Milotic would have conquered Vespiquens castle too… She would have a LOT of areas on her side already. I don’t know what game she is playing, but we better be careful, Aaron.”

“…What do you mean a LOT of areas? I thought she only had her own castle and then yours.”

Skarmory explained that there was an island right next to Sunshore and Mystique City that was once owned by a Weavile. That Weavile was a castle owner and owned the entire island. Not many knew about it because it was too freezing to go out there alone. The blizzards would smother anyone who dared to trespass. Only the fittest ice type Pokémon could survive the cold. The Weavile was an Elite Rescuer just like Aaron. Weavile held the “Lawless” badge. However… One night, his castle got attacked from all angles. He ordered all the Pokémon to leave the city to protect them from the huge amount of Pokémon, and he only asked his loyal sidekicks to assist him in the battle. Sadly, they were outnumbered, and they had to retreat… That castle owner was never seen again. Not even the Rescue/Exploration team federation knows where he went. Some think he vanished. Some say he passed on to the afterlife because of the battle. Some believe he’s still out there, but it’s all just speculations. Everyone fears Milotic at the moment because she has the strongest terrain at her side, and can train all her castle members to become stronger in that terrain/field.

“… So that nasty serpent has 3 castles? How does she run them all?” Aaron asked.

“She placed her sidekick Beartic to guard the castle Weavile lost. She also placed a Lapras as the new castle owner of my castle… Gh! Makes me sick! That some dirty fish are occupying my wonderful island! Flygon’s castle is right next to mine; they’ll most likely go there next. Aaron, we have to do something about this. We can’t let Milotic continue to conquer these castles. Something has to be done.”

“And fast, too. I don’t think she’s stupid enough to attack Flygon’s castle. Flygon is a dragon type yes, but he is very intelligent. His castle is also right next to a forest, I bet he has figured out what Milotic is doing by now and headed over to recruit some grass types to help them fight the water types. And let’s not forget that water attacks aren’t really effective in his desert. They have no chance to win unless the fight takes place on Lapras field.”

“So basically, you’re saying Milotic will be conquering Mystique City next?”

“Hm. Perhaps. I should warn Mystique City’s castle owner.”

“You’ve never been to Mystique City?”

“No. Why? Is there something important there? I don’t think so. It’s just a bunch of dead Pokémon and a sanctuary. Sorry, but I’m fine staying over in Honey Hive at the minute…”

“Hah! I bet you’re only afraid of the ghost types!”

“Being afraid and unable to battle them is a completely different thing! If I were able to hit them with my moves then yes, maybe I would head to Mystique City! I’d like to feel safe ya’ know!?” Aaron and Skarmory’s argument continued until they eventually reached Sunshore Town. Skarmory dropped Aaron off and waited for him outside Milotic’s castle. The castle was a huge diamond-like castle with a pond around it. Aaron walked over the bridge towards the castle when someone suddenly started shouting at him. Skarmory jumped up surprised, but Aaron looked down in the pond and yelled; “OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR OR ILL KNOCK IT DOWN!” A Feebass appeared out of the water and opened the gate for Aaron. Aaron walked in and saw Queen Milotic sitting on her throne with a lot of jewelry around her.

“Oh. I expected you’d show up eventually. Though I didn’t expect it’d be so soon, haha.” Milotic said smirking.

“Save the chit-chatting for later. I’m here to teach you a lesson someone should have taught you a long time ago!”

Aaron stepped closer to Milotic and told her little Feebass henchmen to scram. Milotic stepped down from her throne. She looked really confident in what she had to say; Aaron didn’t frighten her at all. Aaron was actually quite annoyed by her over-confident look so he decided to break the ice.

“I don’t know what you have planned, but you need to stop that plan before you get burned. Playing with fire is a no-no.”

“Oh Aaron, don’t you worry about me, I can easily put out that fire.” she laughed.

“…Your look makes me seriously angry. Milotic, why ARE you taking over castles? What do they have that you don’t already have?”

“Power Aaron. I thought you of all would understand the need for power.” Milotic walked over to a shelf with jewelry that stood close to the door entrance. Aaron stood still in his spot, wondering what she had in mind. He didn't bother to turn around and look at her. He was only focusing on her words.

“These jewels may be pretty and valuable, but they don’t give me any power or higher status. Taking over castles will give me more Pokémon recruits and more exploring areas to access along with better terrain and different Pokémon-types.”

“…” Aaron stood silent, watching her every move and letting her continue to talk.

“ Not to mention the areas around here are only water! My water type Pokémon and Ice type Pokémon would have so many benefits if I were to affiliate with them. Just think of the possibilities. Besides… There is no rule that says you can only rule 1 castle.” Milotic walked back over to Aaron and sat down on her throne again, her look was giving off vibes of confidence and pride. She doesn’t feel any remorse for what she’s done to the castle owners or the members of those castles.

“So you see Aaron? This is why I took those 2 castles. You simply have nothing you can do about it, and coming over here to nag me about it is just wasting my time and you know time is money.”

“ Seems like you’re not only full of jewelry, but also a huge amount of lies. Tell me the real reason you want the castles.” he said in an angry voice almost trembling with anger.


Part 2 of 3.


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KZN02 Feb 15, 2013   General Artist
Faster than lightning? Isn't Magnezone known as the Skarmory Killer?
kasumi-n-hikari Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice :)
What do program do u use for coloring?
Tessu-chan Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Power Aaron
...Power Aaron..
POWER AARON!! :iconbluerangerplz:

...I'm sorry, I had to.. __XD
MadnessOfMana Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
..Stupid Millotic. I really hate this fish, now... XD
RPD490 Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Only one thing comes to mind, "WEEEEEE~" 8D
chibiramii Feb 3, 2013   Digital Artist
Oh, Aaron and Skarmory... young love :eyes:
DrawerElma Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed...Soon...very soon....<3
chibiramii Feb 4, 2013   Digital Artist
You aren't planning to...? .w.
Right? xD
DrawerElma Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PFFFFF :iconnghplz:
chibiramii Feb 5, 2013   Digital Artist
So that's a yes? :eyes:
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