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February 3, 2013
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Confrontation... by DrawerElma Confrontation... by DrawerElma

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First Chapter and more Chapters of PMD-L can be found here :heart:

(This story takes part some time after SS7 "Blue thunder") SS8 – An ideal world?

Part 3: Confrontation

Aaron didn’t seem to believe Milotic’s lies.

“MY FISHTAIL NO! I do not lie!”

“Shut up! You attacked Vespiquens castle too! Her castle was nowhere near your terrain, why did you attack her castle for?”

“…So you know about that? Haha, well I didn’t capture her castle now did I? That’s why I said 2.”

“I highly doubt you are after some new recruits… All castles you recruited were rescue team castles. Either you have something against rescue teams, OR this is all just a small part of something bigger.”

“Bingo little Aaron! You’re absolutely correct! This is all just a part of something bigger… Though I don’t know why I should tell you about it. I like this little guessing game we have going on. Keep on guessing and you might get the right answer out.”

“…I…don’t like you…” he said in a resentful voice. Aaron kept on guessing to get some information out of Milotic. She seemed to be enjoying tormenting Aaron because he could never put the final pieces together. He didn’t know what she wanted. Milotic told him it was something he has known a long time, something every Pokémon knows, something related to her and the terrain she’s in.

“Something everyone already knows and has known all along? What kind of secret is that? If it’s out in the open then just say so!” he asked.

“Hihihi. You don’t know it? I guess it’s a well-kept secret, but not really a secret. Something you can see but can’t see. Can you tell?” She loved tormenting him with such questions; it certainly didn’t make him any happier. All of a sudden a Feebass swam to Milotic and handed her a basket with papers. They were exploration team missions. Feebass also said something accidentally that made everything obvious for Aaron.

“My queen! The selected teams have set sail towards Lapras’ castle! Everything is going as planned! I will return to their castle now!” and then Feebass was off…

“ACK! T-h…. Set sail!?” Aaron yelled.

“Do you see it now Aaron?” Milotic asked.

“Something everyone knew from the start!?... This land is surrounded by water…”

“Exactly! And luckily enough, my castle is right next to the sea! It gives me access to travel anywhere I want! Attack from any angle! That’s how I will conquer the world!”

“Wait a minute! You seriously want to capture all castles? Why would you do that?”

“Power Aaron! Enormous power! Soon not even the exploration team federation will be able to stop me! My goal is to make this entire continent a water-alike dream utopia!”

“But… That would mean only water type and ice type Pokémon would be able to survive! Everyone else would probably die!”

“Hmm…I care not. I don’t have any use for any other Pokémon.”

“…You… want to build an utopia? With only water type Pokémon?” Aaron knew what power Milotic already had, her arsenal was good and she could probably pull it off without much effort, he still couldn’t help but to attempt to stop her. This wasn’t right. Even Skarmory lost his castle, one of Aaron’s friends. Letting her get away with this will be a big mistake, not only for the Pokémon, but also for the water and ice type Pokémon who are following her lead. Do they know what they’re working together for to accomplish? Aaron was practically shaking with anger, he screamed out loud in frustration. Milotic got surprised and backed off, she thought Aaron just lost it for a second.

“…Sorry. Venting frustration like this is the only way I’ll prevent myself from beating the living fish-guts out of you.”

“Hihihi, you’re so funny. You think you can stop this? Well…you’re always welcome to try. But now, if this is what you came for, scram. Time is money.”

Aaron headed towards the exit. Though he stopped right before the door and looked back at Milotic. She asked why he was so afraid to leave; he didn’t say it was because he was scared or worried, but because he was disgusted of her actions. Who would come up with such a sick plan?

“You know Milotic… There’s this one thing you can’t buy with money... Not any money in the world would be worth it.”

“Oh? Really? Are you going to give me that long ‘friendship’ speech they gave me when I was a little kid? HA! Don’t make me laugh. I don’t need friends when I have power.”

“Don’t misunderstand. I am not like everyone else. Sorry to say, but I agree with you on this one, I don’t need friends when I have power, however… There is one thing you can’t buy with money, and that thing isn’t friendship.”

“Oh? What is it then?” She seemed really eager to listen.


Milotic could always pay Pokémon to follow her commands, but they would simply be ordered to follow her, and ordered to do anything she says. She can’t order them to respect her no matter how much she wants it. On that final note, Aaron stepped outside of the gate and left Milotic with those thoughts in her head. Even if he knew it wouldn’t change anything, he still wanted to get his say in this and figure out why she was being so pushy with the castles. The Feebass outside the castle asked him how it went and/or if he got to join one of the castle’s exploration teams. Feebass assumed that THAT was why Aaron had stepped through the gate, but no. The minute Feebass asked Aaron this; Aaron picked him up from the water and kicked him over the castle. Skarmory witnessed the whole thing, assuming that the news Aaron got from Queen Milotic weren’t any good news.

“Soooo, how did it go?” Skarmory said with an unconfident smile knowing what Aaron’s reply would be.

“… Seems like we were right. She will definitely not hesitate to go after castles. That is actually her goal.”

“For what though?”

“… To make some kind of messed up utopia I guess. “ Aaron jumped back up on Skarmory’s back and told him that they’ll be doing a LOT of flying this day. Aaron planned to visit every castle and tell them that Milotic was about to take their castle eventually, so they all need to get prepared. As soon as Skarmory was above the clouds, he asked Aaron what city they’d go to first. Aaron asked him which direction Beartic’s castle was surprisingly enough. Skarmory didn’t know why Aaron would ask that, but told him it was a bit further to the west almost right next to Milotic’s castle. Aaron then put one paw on his chest and pointed with the other up to the sky, a loud noise was heard and a blue thunder could be seen from the distance over to the west. Skarmory almost accidentally dropped Aaron because he got so shocked by the sudden thunder.

“WHAT was THAT?” Skarmory yelled.

“Thunder punch”

“You could have really hurt someone!”

“I hope I did.”

Aaron had to travel over to all castles and make sure that everyone got to know what was going on, the only castle he didn’t visit was Mystique City’s castle. Skarmory looked over at him and noticed he didn’t seem rather collected to go to Mystique City at the minute, especially not at night. He actually seemed to be thinking about something, completely ignoring Skarmory for a brief moment.

“(Milotic disgusts me. She wants to make the perfect world for her water type Pokémon. Gh… She’s the worst. If they would live peacefully with all of us, I’d have no problem. But eliminating every single Pokémon is just sick. If it would have to come to choosing such a world… or destroying everything… I’d chose to destroy everything and then rebuild it from scratch. I wouldn’t hesitate a minute to destroy everything if this is what the Pokémon of our world are like. I’ll do it. It will be Milotic versus ME! Let’s see who will build the perfect utopia. A world without violence and punishment is no world to live in. Punishment needs to be given to those who deserve it, a bunch of innocent Pokémon have been harmed by Milotic, and that’s why I can’t help but to think she deserves a greater punishment than getting kicked off that throne. I will make sure to kick her where she feels most pain. Her precious ‘pride’.)”

“Still afraid of the-“

“THERE’S A DIFFERENCE! (How many times do I have to say it? I don’t ‘fear’ ANYTHING! I AM THE EMBODIMENT OF FEAR ITSELF!)”


“Sigh… It’s already past midnight. Roserade is waiting for me to return. I would have made it in time if it weren’t for this…”

“Excuses, excuses, only excuses… If you don’t want to enter so badly, why don’t I just go there alone after I drop you off in Honey Hive?”

“That would be great. Take me to Honey Hive, now.”

“(No hesitation there? I know he doesn’t like ghost types because he can’t battle them, but… Is there possibly something else I don’t know about him that makes him this afraid of entering Mystique City?) Do you know who Mystique City’s castle owner is?”

“No. Never meet them before. I want to though, but I guess I’ll go there in the morning or something…(Really early in the morning…)”

Skarmory changed direction and headed for Honey Hive instead. Aaron and Skarmory meet a long time ago, so they trusted each other completely. Skarmory was the owner of a rescue team castle after all. Aaron befriended any Pokémon from rescue team castles. Once they arrived in Honey Hive, Skarmory left as soon as he dropped Aaron off. Skarmory told him that he’d be flying around randomly looking for a place to stay. Aaron suggested that he could stay with them in Honey Hive until he found a better place to stay at. Skarmory thought it’d be awkward if he stayed at Honey Hive, considering a lot of bug type Pokémon lived in Honey Hive; they’d all be a bit scared with him around. Anyhow, Aaron still welcomed Skarmory to stay with them. The minute Aaron was about to knock on the door to the dancing hall he heard a melody playing. It was a soothing peaceful melody played on a violin, but kind of different to what he had heard before. Aaron knocked on the door. The music suddenly stopped. After a few seconds a loud ‘thump’ sound was heard and a scream. Aaron then jumped away from the door and entered a battle position.

“Gah! Stupid habit!” He shook his head and told himself it was probably only Roserade who dropped some items or knocked some over by her dance. Even if that theory seemed most likely, it couldn’t have been Roserade, for she always takes care of her equipment and is far too talented to trip on something while performing. In a few moments the door to the hall slowly opened and a short figure appeared with pink silk ribbons tied on to their head.

“H…. Hello?” a high pitched voice said hiding behind the door.

“Ahm… I uh… *looks around* am I-… In the right City?” Aaron looked closer over to the door so he could see the Pokémon’s face, but the Pokémon always hid behind the door whenever Aaron came near, so he was unable to determine what kind of Pokémon it was. All he knew was that it sounded like a girl.

“I…I’m not sure… W-who are you?” she asked.

“I should be asking you that. What are you doing inside Roserades music hall? Don’t you think it’s too late to be playing instruments?”

“Oh…I -…I’m waiting for someone.”

“Waiting for someone? (Inside the music hall? Who let her in?)” Apparently Roserade was called on because of an emergency, and she left the dancing hall in this Pokémon’s care until she’d return.

“Emergency? Well, I’m… Aaron.” Suddenly the door got pushed open rapidly and Aaron entered a battle position again.

“DAMN IT! Gotta’ stop doing that!” he told himself and looked up at the Pokémon. It was a Kirlia. She looked really worried for a second and hesitated to step closer to him. Aaron just looked at her; he was confused over this entire incident. She finally gathered courage and ran over to him.

“You’re the one I was waiting for!” She grabbed his paws saying the following: “Come in quick!” Aaron was about to step backwards just to get some distance between them but Kirlia held him really tightly, so he slipped and fell over on his back. Kirlia giggled a little.

“Do I know you or something? Back off! Don’t touch me!” He said and pushed her further away from him.

“My name is Kelly! Nice to meet you Aaron!”

“I’m gonna call you heart attack since you nearly gave me two.”

“I’m sorry! I was just so happy to see that you finally arrived! Roserade was worried sick about you!” Aaron got back up on his feet and brushed the dirt off his fur. Then he stepped closer to Kelly and pointed at her.

“Let’s get some facts straight, shall we?”

“EH?” Kelly looked dumbstruck and confused.

“You’re Kelly. I’m Aaron. That’s all we are to each other, names. I don’t know you. I don’t want to know you. Any interaction we may have will sorely be for the purpose of information or necessity, we won’t have friendly conversations. If you get in my way don’t expect any mercy because I will kill. Are we clear?”

“…” Kelly was being really silent the entire time, until she suddenly started crying.

“W-wait! What just happened!? No! Don’t cry!” This was one of the reactions Aaron wasn’t used to seeing. Crying was something he didn’t have a problem with if the person deserved it, but now he just seemed to be a complete prick to someone who just wanted to help.

“Waaah! Why are you being so mean to me?” she covered up her face and crouched defenselessly. Aaron seemed really confused about what to do, these kinds of things don’t usually happen too often. He grabbed her arms and pulled her up, she was still crying her eyes out. He was right about being the embodiment of fear itself. Seems like Kelly was still upset, sobbing and crying no matter how hard Aaron tried to calm her down. Eventually Aaron just yelled at them to step inside sometime. Once they stepped inside the music hall, Kelly ran far away from Aaron and sat in a corner with her violin. Aaron was lying down on the floor next to the mosaic windows; looking at their reflections also holding the violin Roserade gave him. He wanted to play a melody on it but he didn’t know what. Then Kelly asked him if he was upset about something, since he seemed really angry but what Kelly doesn’t know is that Aaron was like that all the time. Of course, Aaron being plain… Aaron, he refused to speak to her whatsoever. She then asked him if he enjoyed playing on a violin and if he could show her how he plays his melodies. He picked up the violin and told Kelly to cover her ears. He started playing a really disturbing melody on the violin. It was in fact so bad that he yelled at himself to stop trying.

“I-…it wasn’t that bad…” Kelly smiled embarrassed with her hands covering her ears.

“Grrr… Music is stupid. I want to beat it with a mallet.”

“You’re already abusing the poor violin! The way you’re holding it and pulling that stick… No wonder it sounds as bad as it does! Come over here, I’ll help you fix it. You have to be more relaxed.” Aaron refused to listen to Kelly. He didn’t care if it sounded right or wrong, he just wanted Roserade to teach him how to battle like her. Kelly walked over to Aaron by herself, seems like she gathered enough courage to approach him. Aaron saw what she was trying to do though and didn’t really greet her friendly.

“Get away from me already. Didn’t I say we wouldn’t have any chit-chatting?”

“But-but… I just want to help you. Roserade would be shocked if she heard that you play the melody wrong.”

“She would actually be shocked if I managed to play it correctly.”

Kelly pulled him up from the floor and told him to hold the violin closer to his face while also holding it more tightly/steadily so it wouldn’t wobble around. She then started instructing him on how to make high pitch sounds and low pitch sounds on the violin and how to control it to make it a soothing melody. Aaron (over a couple of minutes) actually started paying attention to what Kelly was saying since she seemed to be right. Hours passed with them practicing together… Roserade came back early in the morning only to find both of them sleeping in the middle of the dancing hall with the violin’s in their hands. They apparently played until they couldn’t play no more and fell asleep out of exhaustion.

“… Well, I wanted them to get close to each other, but this may be a bit TOO close. OI! Wake-y-wake-y guys!”

The End.




I drew the sketch - Chibiramii* drew the lineart and I colored.
EDIT: Changed shadow at the stairs.
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Gah! I'm surprised someone hasn't tried to ship Aaron and feebas yet, since he has been paired up with everyone else already! Well, in any case, I like the Giratina on the window!
DrawerElma Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

LovePikaNizzy Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Do I see another shipping here? OwO
DrawerElma Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pfffff, whenever there's a new character, people auto-ship it with Aaron XD
LovePikaNizzy Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually don't do that (the only PMD-L shipping I really support would be AaronxMelody, but is that even official? Well I don't hate other shippings either, but -doesn't know how to finish the sentence-, but when Roserade said "“… Well, I wanted them to get close to each other, but this may be a bit TOO close." it just sounded like a hint of a shipping or something... And it's always fun to troll Aaron xD
DrawerElma Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OH! Melody x Aaron .....It's Orchestra-Shipping XD...........eeyyyyyyyyyyy!
And dunno- ill try to make shippings for everything, but thats other ppls work x) I dont usually ship. I ship Aaron x Melody too in the past.
but was this shipping intended?
DrawerElma Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Which one?
Aaron X Kelly?
DrawerElma Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It wasn't intended though someone thought of calling it Tuneshipping since they play instruments.
I think it sounds nice XD
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