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January 19, 2013
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A mute Melody... by DrawerElma A mute Melody... by DrawerElma
[link] Inspired by this song :heart: Music box (best to listen to it near the end)

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AN: This story is set almost right after SS6 "Ruthless fiend" which can be found here - [link]

PMD-L SS7 – “Blue Thunder”

Part: 3 A mute Melody…

Vespiquen flew out to find the rest of the city members. Everyone had fled because of the powerful water types, but they couldn’t have gone far. Eventually all of them returned safely to the city. The exploration team members returned to the castle and everyone helped to clean up. Ashton and Aaron joined Vespiquen for dinner at their castle Roserade was there too. It seemed as if Roserade was an explorer in Vespiquens castle. Roserade was very eager to ask Aaron questions, Aaron didn’t seem to have a problem with it or find it strange, so after some time Vespiquen decided to let them stay for the night at her wonderful castle. The first thing Aaron and Ashton did next morning was head out of the city. Roserade caught up to them outside the gate and had something very important to say.

“Aaron. Yer planning on leaving Honey Hive?” Aaron nodded.

“…Is that so? You didn’t plan on staying here?” Ashton asked curiously.

“None of your business, Ashton. Do you think we’re buddies now or something? Scram you mutt.” Ashton looked up at Aaron and smiled.

“Revenge is right around the corner… We’ll meet again, Aaron. Maybe I can’t beat you, but I can expose your web of lies. You just wait.” He turned around and headed for the gate, he waved Roserade and Aaron goodbye. Aaron had a rather calm look on his face, what could Ashton possibly mean by those words? Roserade turned to Aaron and smiled, she seemed rather happy that she got to talk to Aaron privately.

“Yer well aware that yer fighting techniques is conceited, right?”

“Excuse me!? There’s nothing wrong with my fighting style!”

“Hmpf! Silly. Yer always rushing into a battle. Ye always think that yer going to win and that yer battling skills are superior to theirs. Well, isn’t that correct? I bet ye would lose a battle with me in less than a second because of my agility.”

“My speed is fine, and my battling is flawless. My aura sphere never misses it’s opponent a-“
Roserade cut him off and explained that if he continued battling like that, his body would take severe damage and eventually he wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer. Aaron explained that it wouldn’t matter as long as he beat the enemy before he got severely damaged. Roserade pointed at the bruises and scars that he got from the battle yesterday. She also asked, “what if they were all ground type Pokémon?” His special move wouldn’t have worked on them. She then realized she didn’t know what the move Aaron used was. He told her it was Thunder Punch. However, that seemed rather hard to believe.

“That lightning we all saw yesterday. What move was that?”

Aaron refused to reply, but he still stood next to Roserade and didn’t think of leaving. He seemed eager to ask her something but always got cut off when he was about to ask. Roserade picked him up from the ground and hugged him.

“Yer so cute!! I can’t believe that something this cute can be so powerful as well!” She danced and spun around in a circle with Aaron in her arms. Aaron seemed to be calm, even if he didn’t like being thrown in the air and spun around in circles.

“…You always evaded attacks so rapidly. How could you get away with that?” He asked.

“Hm? Me? Haaaaa~ that is the magic of dance! Maybe ye heard of it!” She put him down and started performing a little dancing act. Aaron soon noticed that the moves she used for the dance, he saw were the same moves she used in the battle with Gyarados and the rest of the Pokémon. He couldn’t believe it…

“…You… Have to be kidding…” He stood there completely dumbstruck, without much to say. He saw her battle the entire time and he never once thought about her movement being some kind of dance.

“I could teach ye how to do this. I sense great potential in ye. What do ye say? Stay around here in Honey Hive and practice dancing with me? I have a dancing hall not too far away from the castle. I train all the castle members there, maybe ye could join?” Aaron immediately flashed her his badge, Roserade gasped.

“ELITE!? YE!?... But yer just a kid!”

“This is, and still will be, proof that I don’t need any help from anyone. I don’t need your lousy dancing-tricks. However-…” He paused and turned around to avoid eye contact with Roserade.

“- Your attacks are really weak. You know that? Since you’re protecting this city you need a strong offense, so I’ll help you protect it. One castle owner must help another, that’s a rule unfortunately… In return I want to see how you plan your little…dancing-strategies.” Roserade was really quiet and just looked at him for quite some time until she burst out in laughter. Aaron turned around yelling at her to knock it off and that he was being serious.

“Haaahaha! Ye are such a wuss! Ye can’t admit that ye want to learn my techniques, so ye have to make such an excuse, that’s so cuuuuute! Haaaaahaha! Yer priceless!”

“ (NO! That’s not it!) Hey! I didn’t write the rules! I just want equivalent exchange, that’s all! I’m not going to waste my valuable time without getting something in return!”

“Let’s dance to the hall! I’ll teach you all my perfect and flawless moves!”

“We’re NOT dancing! We’re training for accuracy and evasiveness! Don’t confuse it with dancing you-!” Roserade grabbed his arms and started swinging him around.

“This will be the best dancing session ever!”

“Grrrrrr… If you don’t watch what you’re saying, it might be your last dancing session! (Well. I agreed to it…At least this has 2 uses. I’ll get some information out of her while training, and I’ll collect a great amount of happiness from her to extend my time limit. It’s a win-win situation for me. Especially when I don’t really have anywhere else to go at the moment. I’ll have to head over to Milotic’s castle once I’m done here to talk to her…)”

Roserade and Aaron arrived in the Dancing hall. Inside the hall was a bunch of instruments and a floor where a lot of Pokémon could gather to play music or dance around. The hall had mosaic looking windows in lots of different colors. When the sun would shine in, it would create a wonderful glow and light up the entire hall with calming vivid colors, beautiful setting for some dancing and music. Aaron looked around and thought the place looked familiar somehow. Roserade said that the musicians Chatot, Jigglipuff and Meloetta used to come here to play their music at times, but they all moved to Heartwarm City not so long ago, so she is the only one left in the town that knows how to play all the instruments. She grabbed a violin and threw it to Aaron. She told him that before she could start teaching him how to dance, he needed to understand the flow of music in order to put his dancing moves into a battle. Aaron refused. Roserade taunted him in more than one way to make him do as she pleased. Eventually, Aaron played a horrible melody on the violin, and it almost blew both of their ears off. He threw the violin on the floor.

“I DON’T CARE! This isn’t important, why do I have to learn it?! I hate everything that has something to do with a melody! (Hate the word in general…)”

“Oh. Music is not yer strong side…Obviously. Yer tone-deaf. Hihi, this will make it more fun. How about I play and show ye some moves ye could apply to the song?”

“Do as you wish… I don’t understand how this will help me at all in battles, but if you insist…-“

Roserade picked up the violin and started playing a wonderful melody. She then started dancing graciously as she was playing with the violin in her arms. The shine from the morning sun lit up the mosaic windows and created a soft colored atmosphere that fit the melody perfectly. The melody that was playing was rather sad and happy at the same time. It gave off mixed emotions and mixed messages. Her moves could go from smooth to sudden in a second, but completely in synch with the song. She ended the dance with a few spins and by flapping her cape up in the air.

“I don’t understand…”

“Ah, yer so clueless. Use yer noggin for once.” She threw the Violin over to him.

“Vespiquen won’t accept ye as a member since ye are of the ‘lawless’ rank, ye can stay here as long as ye see fit though. Promise me to practice the violin while I go take care of some important missions, are we clear?” She winked and hugged him goodbye. Aaron looked at the Violin and then at the other instruments.

“Pffff… I don’t get this. Seems so boring. I feel like she’s hiding the real answer from me. Music is for the mindless drones that let emotions lead them to take decisions. I don’t need that sentimentality. All I want is revenge…” He lay down on the floor and looked up at the mosaic windows that shined in a mystique color. It’s brightness made everything in the room clearer, you could see a bit of dust flying around in the air because Roserade had just danced. He pushed the Violin away from him, and just stared at the lights. The mosaic windows had Pokémon figures drawn on them that would reflect in the floor once sunlight hit them…

“…Then again. Anger is maybe the most terrifying emotion of them all. There’s no limit to what one can do when filled with such resentment… Hmmm… So am I a mindless drone for following my anger?” He closed his eyes.

“I remember that cold night… The rain… The thunder… That sudden attack… The sky lit up with a burning flame… So many thoughts were running through my head in rapid speed. So many questions unanswered, so much confusion caused. I am letting my anger control me because I’m already a lost cause. I have nothing more to lose. It’s not the fall that killed me that night-“

“It was seeing someone I truly loved murder me in cold blood and feel no remorse.”

The End.


Part 3 of 3



So much work was put into this. I think I may actually like this drawing. I hope the dust looks like dust and not...blah. And yes, "Melody" was spelled with a big M for a purpose.
The pokemon on the mosaic windows are;
- Rayquaza - Shaymin (sky form) - Articuno - Mew - Victini.
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asdasdasdasdasda so friking cute!
Yuyukoblossom May 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
U are awesome!
This history is before or after the USS1?
it's confusing because in here Aaron don't know how to play the violin but in the USS1 they know how to play it

Theory 1:
Could Aaron and the monferno(I forgot the name D:), will have some relation with Zekrom and Reshiram?, that's the why he is called the hero of chaos(Black), and the why he can use the attack from Zekrom?
So maybe in the last battle they release Zekrom and Reshiram?
I'm right? I don't know if you was told this before, so sorry for my bad atention. D:
DrawerElma Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
USS's are "unique side stories" and "ss's" are "side stories".
Uss's are about other characters at whatever time, but they aren't too relevant to the main plotline, so that's why they're "uss's". Side-stories, while not too relevant to the storyline, contain some more detailed information about each character in that side story. I usually say (in side-stories) at what time they're in and/or what other SS comes before the one the readers are currently reading.

Theory 1; It's stated that there is 1 hero of chaos and 1 hero of bliss, it could be anyone, though at the moment we assume it's Aaron.

The legend actually covers what happened to Reshiram and Zekroms souls after a huge battle; It can be found in my gallery. It's in the "PMD-L pictures" folder, and it's a drawing of both reshiram and zekrom. The description contains the legend of them. Hope that helped even if it was a really late reply XD
Leaffall-Novelist Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow... looking from this point... even me could be a psychopath with a revenge wish e.e I really loved this picture :love:
QuitheQuilava556 Jan 23, 2013  Student Artist

Naw JK. B'ahhh, this really touched my heart....QmQ

DrawerElma Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's not depressed, but things like these have to run through his head at times.
He is a really complicated character to relate to after all..
QuitheQuilava556 Jan 24, 2013  Student Artist
Yeah..he still is awesome though :stare:

BECAUSE I CAN :icondetermined-plz:
And because I recently learned the name of the shipping of Melody and Aaron...:iconawwwyeahplz:
DrawerElma Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
FFFFF never doubt the Aaron :stare:
Never doubt. He'll rage .....eventually.

OH LMAO! XD You can do so many things... So far, it seems like Aaron and Ashton hate each other the most of all characters....and they have the most popular shipping.......fangirl-units work weird XD

Oh ouo did you now? So do you know the shipping name for Ashton and Blondie Alice?
QuitheQuilava556 Jan 30, 2013  Student Artist


Yeah XD

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