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February 3, 2013
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A mild inconvenience... by DrawerElma A mild inconvenience... by DrawerElma

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First Chapter and more Chapters of PMD-L can be found here :heart:

(This story takes part some time after SS7 "Blue thunder") SS8 – An ideal world?

As the sun set one lovely morning, it seemed as if everything was perfectly calm. Caterpies were drinking water out of the fountain in Honey Hive; Ninjask was flying around the city in high speed to deliver messages. Queen Vespiquen had ordered all the Combee to fetch food and bring lots of apples from the woods nearby. Pokémon were walking around in the shops to by items and sell some. The houses had an orange glow to them because of their honey-alike coloring. It was as if nothing had changed, though the street was still kind of unrepaired and cracked along with a few of the houses in Honey Hive, however Combee did an excellent job repairing it in such a high speed. Everyone seemed happy that the city was getting back on track after such a brutal and sudden attack. The only brutal force now that was left in the city and could attack all of a sudden would be Aaron. It appeared as if he was ready to break the whole city down with only his fists this morning…

“I freaking HATE music! Have I ever told you that!? HA, Roserade!?”

“Sigh… Ye are really a hopeless case. Yer music skills are frighteningly mad.”

Aaron had been forced to play on a violin. In order for him to learn Roserades secrets to combat he has to do as she says, no matter how harsh and painful it may get. Roserade was playing on a separate violin that seemed to have a rose attached to it and a black marking around the edges. It was almost completely black, though it looked more blue than black. The mosaic windows created a warm mood inside the hall. Roserade wanted to go outside and play on her violin in the morning sun since the weather was so nice, though she knew that Aaron wouldn’t follow her. He is embarrassed enough as it is doing as Roserade says.

“Music cannot sound pleasing to ones ears if the person playing doesn’t enjoy it themselves. If ye continue to resent the violin simply because ye can’t play it properly, ye will never be able to play it.”

Aaron was silently giving her a judging look. He didn’t want to hear anymore nagging.

“ I have to go take care of some missions for Vespiquen. Ye should stay here and practice. Once I return I want ye to be able to play the violin without fails. Don’t disappoint!” She left her violin on a set of drums then ran outside. As soon as she ran out, Aaron also left the dancing hall. He had to go and talk to Scizor. Scizor was the policeman in this city. He took care of criminals and made sure they were locked up behind bars. Feebass was in there along with the other ice/water type Pokémon and Aaron had something to say to them all. Scizor let him pass and talk to the criminals. With his huge claws he broke the lock on the door. Scizor was very grateful that Aaron saved the city, but also very cautious around him. No one really knew how he could defeat all those enemies since most of them weren’t around at the time. Vespiquen had prepared something special for Aaron. She planned on letting him join their castle even if he wasn’t a bug type Pokémon, however seeing that Aaron is a former Castle owner himself with the “Lawless” rank, there was nothing much she could give him other than a “thank you” and a meal. Aaron walked up to Feebass in the cell and started asking him questions. Feebass and the others didn’t seem so talkative. They avoided Aaron’s questions and instead, asked him to leave.

“What did that crazy sneaky snake tell you this time?” Aaron asked Feebass.

“OH! I don’t know anything of Milotic! She’s a stranger to me!”

“…” Aaron just wanted to punch him in the face, though he knew that if he did that, Scizor would have to lock him up as well.

“Sigh… Give it up Feebass, your lying is horrible.” Gyarados spoke up. He started explaining everything to Aaron.

Milotic sent them to talk to Vespiquen. Milotic asked Vespiquen to leave her position as a Castle owner and hand the castle over to her. Of course Milotic would pay a royal amount of money to get her hands on Vespiquens castle. They were told that they should do anything to make Vespiquen agree with them, however, Vespiquen refused in every single way. Their last resort was to take it by force. Even then, Vespiquen refused to let them have their way and battled until the bitter end where she was completely frozen solid. Aaron knew that if they would ask something like that of Vespiquen, they’d get rejected. That was the main reason Aaron travelled to Honey Hive to begin with. He knows that Vespiquen may be a strict and harsh castle owner that pushes its members to their limit, but she does so with love and passion. She is one of the few exploration team castle owners that Aaron actually likes. Her members are loyal to her and won’t back down. Other castles have this too, the members that will do anything for their castle owner and the castle itself to protect it. But there are rarely castle owners who would return that kind of effort or reward it. Castle owners never go into battle, but they let the members take action, if it comes to the worst, the castle owner has to deal with it. However, Vespiquen attacked the ice types fearlessly in order to protect her castle members and their home. She rescued everyone by leading them out of the city safely and commanding other Pokémon to take them out of the city while she and Roserade alone fought these villains.

“Seems like I have some talking to do with Milotic. Time to head to Sunshore town.”

“You!!! You!!!! Leave Milotic alone! She hasn’t done anything wrong! We are the criminals! We are the ones who attacked this city!”

“…Feebass. You’d do anything for her. However, ask yourself if she’d do the same for you.”

“Of course she would!!! I’m her brother! She’d do anything for me!”

“Oh really? Then why hasn’t she come to rescue you then?”

Feebass turned awkwardly silent… He looked down on the ground and then at his comrades.
None of them said anything…

“Shall I tell you why?” Aaron headed for the door and before he left, he turned to Feebass and said;

“Because, time is money.”


Part 1 of 3.

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Ouch D: por feebas )':
MistyDawnAmara Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well, by the picture i expected something more ominous abotu scizor
spectre203 Feb 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That what you get when KARMA takes over HAHA!!!
MadnessOfMana Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, Aaron seems quite funny in this picture for some reason, I think it's because of the absence of his cape and usual expression? Because he looks so average XD

Ooh, looking forward to this sidestory though! XD
DrawerElma Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I had the same impression- never going line-less again is something ive told myself - but I just cant help to experiment XD AND YEAH!!!! its the cape! I swear! You are a mini me :stare: I said the exact same thing while we were reading through this SS and corrected it.
MadnessOfMana Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...He needs his cape. When does he get his cape? owo He looks so miserable with the absence of his cape. It's not natural. O(owo)/
DrawerElma Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He actually gets his cape pretty soon here. Not...TOO soon. It's right when he leaves Honey Hive. How he gets it- no one shall know... even though i think i mentioned a billion times...
MadnessOfMana Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Did he buy it? :trollface:
DrawerElma Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:cookie: Yes, it was very cheap and he needed it as a disguise while stealing chocolate chips from people.
MadnessOfMana Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And then he ate too many chocolate chips and ended up in the Broken Dimension XD

(Lmao ATP Aaron's past referrence, I still remember that part XDDDDDDDDD)
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