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START 2010/12/10 - FINISH - ????

Pagedoll Art by Torikii
:bulletblue: What does this mean, What is the Project?
:bulletpink: It means I will eventualy draw all special scenes from PMD EoS. (Explorers Of Sky).

:bulletblue: Can I ask you to draw something from PMD?
:bulletpink: Sure you can, as long as the scene hasn't been drawn before (by me). But it has to be a scene from PMD EoS. No other PMD game.

See how far I've come with this small list.
O.H = On Hold
S = Sketching
C = Coloring
D.L = Doing Lineart

:bulletblack: Working on- (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
:bulletorange: Fight against Grovyle (At Azelf's lake). (O.H)
:bulletorange: Fight against Groundon/Uxie <__<.....(douche...). (O.H)
:bulletorange: Fogbound lake /at groundon's statue. (O.H)
:bulletorange: Primal Dialga's fight at Temporal Tower. (S)
:bulletorange: When we beat "Grand Master" A.K.A Wigglituff. (O.H)
:bulletorange: At the dinner table in the guild. (O.H)
:bulletorange: Manaphy's Goodbye (O.H)
:bulletorange: At the Kecleon Shop with Azurill n Marill. (S)
:bulletorange: Grovyle & Dusknoir back in the future.  (S)
:bulletorange: Human+Celebi+Grovyle - before the time travel. (O.H)
:bulletorange: Them getting kicked out by a unseen force. (O.H)
:bulletorange: Grovyle watching the sunset with our team partner. (O.H)
:bulletorange: Fight against Regigigas (O.H)
:bulletorange: Ride on Lapras (O.H)
:bulletorange: The guildmaster and his master Armaldo. (O.H)

:bulletwhite: Finished works. ┯━┯ノ(º__º'ノ)
:bulletorange: PMD Storymode Ending (Beach scene).
:bulletorange: Fogbound lake (fountain scene with Illumise N Volbeat).
:bulletorange: Grovyle's Goodbye (when he leaves to the future).
:bulletorange: Ending scene at Temporal tower.
:bulletorange: Christmas Drawing of the heroes in the game.
:bulletorange: Monster House scene.
:bulletorange: Beginning scene at the beach.
:bulletorange: At the Sharpedo bluff.
:bulletorange: The dimensional scream.
:bulletorange: Drawing "from future" Zoroark (PMD Secret Special).
:bulletorange: Drawing of them at the Waterfall Cave Entrance.
:bulletorange: Crystal cave- entrance.
:bulletorange: Celebi and Grovyle (In the future of darkness).
:bulletorange: Inside Waterfall cave (with the huge crystal).
:bulletorange: Them in the future (not the future of darkness)
:bulletorange: Beach Cave secrets.
:bulletorange: PMD Valentine's Day.
:bulletorange: At Luminous Springs.
:bulletorange: Chatot and Wigglytuff's sad scene. (The Sacrifice)
:bulletorange: Partner at the Rainbow stoneship. (Farther Away)
:bulletorange: Characters at Spinda's café.
:bulletorange: Memories Returned. (Partner crying at the Beach. END)
:bulletorange: Guild Master and his fellow companion (chatot).
:bulletorange: Celebi + Grovyle - In the morning sun.
:bulletorange: Officer Magnezone.
:bulletorange: Fight against Mesprit.
:bulletorange: Fight against Darkrai.
:bulletorange: Team Skull V.S The Team.
:bulletorange: Meeting with Shaymin at SkyPeak Mountain.
:bulletorange: Fetching Perfect Apples in Apple Woods.
:bulletorange: Team Charm.
:bulletorange: Bidoof's wish.
:bulletorange: The drought stone.
:bulletorange: Crossroads.

Commission Info - Currently Closed

Chibi Style

Commission Nr: 32 by DrawerElma Cinnamon by DrawerElma Niahime by DrawerElma

The price can go from 1000 to 1500, depends on the difficulty of the character (complex design of clothes or looks etc). Adding an extra chara will be 500 points.

Monochromatic Style

The Fall... by DrawerElmaCommission Nr: 30 by DrawerElmaPuzzleshipping - Sleeeeeeeeping... by DrawerElma

Max human charas; 2
Max poke-charas; 3

You can choose the colors if you want, otherwise it'd be random. Just keep in mind that green and yellow are really bright colors, which are confusing to draw in together considering how shiny it will look with only yellow/green. These commissions can go from 700 points to 1500.


PMD-L Tami Sketches by DrawerElmaPMD-L Aaron Sketches by DrawerElmaPMD-L Alice Sketches by DrawerElma

They are only available for Pokemon or Pokemon O.C's for now, sorry. The page will contain 4 to 6 sketches of the character you choose. You can tell me what poses to draw for each sketch, or I can make them up. Either way works fine. These commissions can go from 300 points to 500. Note me with all the info if you want to commission me.

Work Box + A pic of Yami dah gr8

Projects and things I wanna do! <3

• Draw All Persona 3 FES npc's!
• Make a Pokemon B/W 2 Nuzlocke!
• Draw Caitlin's elit 4 room in pokemon B/W 2.
• Draw the underwater path thingy from B/W 2 :3
• Make a pokemon giveaway (eventually)
• Draw a special drawing for a special friend ;3 <3
• Draw up a reference for Alice and Aaron (PMD-L) ;u;
• Draw all the virtues/sins as PMD-L Characters 8D
• Draw more yu-gi-oh, because reasons of derp.
• Draw blue eyes white dragon and red eyes black dragon *o*

Yami Pixel by DrawerElmaYGO - Mana Pixel by DrawerElmaYGO ZeXal - Thomas Arclight by DrawerElma




Give me some cute Yuma doodling ideas adkjhaskdjh and ill try to draw some up 

11 deviants said you cannot rival my love for yuma
8 deviants said no you cant
5 deviants said go away
4 deviants said he's mine forever


Frequently Asked Questions ~ Answers Given


Q: Do you take requests?

A: Hmmmmm...

Q: Do you do art trades?
A: Yes. I might do them if I feel like it. However, don't ask if you can't handle rejection very well. Right now I'm not looking for art trades (and won't be doing them) unless I ask an artist personally.

Q: Do you do collabs?
A: Noooooot REALLY. It depends, but most likely no.

Q: Do you take point-commissions?
A: Not at the moment, though you can still ask, but dont get surprised if you get rejected.

What program do you use to draw with?
A: Photoshop.

What tablet do you use?
A: Bamboo.

Q: Where do your point Commissions start at? What amount of points?
A: Depends what style you want me to draw in. Check the commission information on the page for available styles at the moment.

Q: Can I use one of your drawings as an avatar/profile picture?
A: YES. If you're using my art just as an avatar or profile picture I have no objections against that. You don't have to credit me on your page unless you want to.

Q: Can I edit your artwork or share it on other sites?
A: You may SHARE my artwork as long as it still links back to the original drawing and/or gives me credit for drawing it.
You may NOT edit my artwork or trace my drawings unless I give you permission. Respect the artist and their artwork. Not only I, but everyone who's spent more than 14 hours on a single drawing KNOW the pain of it being edited without permission or even stolen.

A: ................No.

Q: Can you join my group or write me a critique or feature me on ur front page, or fav my work? ^_^
A: ........................:icontamirapefaceplz: Let's play a game...

Q: Can I draw fanart of your characters or of your PMD-L comic?
A: YES. As long as you don't claim the characters as your own. I really didn't think I'd ever have to include this but since I've been getting this question somewhat often I decided to include it here.



:heart::heart::heart: :iconyuumei::iconpurplekecleon::iconshilin::iconemperpep::iconaquasixio: :icongenzoman: :heart::heart::heart:


Puzzle Shipping



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/drunk koko running around wiTH NO PANTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
//has secretly been looking through every single drawing of your gallery--
//is blinded by the beauty
HcmarioTheGumbreon 5 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Hi my name is Hcmario, I was wondering if you do requests or art trades?
Oz-The-B-Rabbit Apr 13, 2014  Student Writer
//gently pokes for the first time in a long while//
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Luke-113 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Pokemon: Explorers of Darkness is my favorite pokemon game ever
ASDFGHJKLF HAVE YOU STARTED WATCHING ARC V YET? OF COURSE YOU HAVE. ZXCVBNM I CAN'T EVEN <3 Some things I'm not sure about, but overall I'm liking the look of this a lot. And ASDFGHJKLF YUUYA <3 CUTE LIL' DORK.
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shinlucario Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hey, just stopping by to tell you that, since you love Yu-Gi-Oh, that you should know that they're now airing a new series in japan.  Called Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V.  I'll PM you the video link.
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xXDodem-DemonicXx Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Elma! How are you? :iconexcitedlaplz:
When are you going to take a break from Yugioh fanservice and get back to PMD-L?
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gooodra Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
tami i've admired ur art ever since i saw u on the tumble uuuwuuw ;; so um. hihi!!
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Happy Valentine's Day


SpeedyAlchemist Feb 14, 2014  Student Writer
:iconsparklesplz: Happy Valentine’s day Elma! :iconsparklesplz: :dance: :glomp:
Hope you have a nice day and that it's super fun! :iconyuihugplz:
YuseiFudoFan1 Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
[boops your nose] it's Kay
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ImSoSplat Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
'I bet he shoves his dick as hard as he shoves his deck'

Me: Da faq, everyone should already know that.
LorSean Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey ^^ i was wondering if youre still shipping puzzleshipping xD
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